1. Question: With which browsers can I use the Elisa Stage platform?
Answer: You can use the Elisa Stage platform with all commonly known web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. NB! Internet Explorer is not supported because we use the most modern solutions and Internet Explorer is not compatible with them.

2. Question: I can't log in to the event, the code doesn't work.
Answer: First, make sure that the uppercase and lowercase letters in the code are entered correctly. If you are convinced that the code is correct and you still have problems logging in, write to us at contact@elisastage.ee or call +372 56574302.

3. Question: What devices and players are supported?
Answer: All devices that can play HLS streaming are supported. HLS support is available on all iOS devices, and most Android devices.

4. Question: What should I do if the video does not play smoothly?
Answer: A good internet connection (atleast 5mbit/s) and a device with sufficient power are required to play the video smoothly. Sometimes watching a video is interrupted if you are using your internet connection to watch other videos or download files at the same time - please stop these activities while watching the video. Because playing video requires a lot of power from your device, closing other programs and browser windows can also help. If the above activities do not help, please write to contact@elisastage.ee.