Opening (introduction, opening speech, overview of the following days)

Louis Zezeran - Moderator

Louis’ background is a diverse mix, he started with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science after which he quickly fell into being a software trainer, as it was clear he was better at talking than sitting down for days on end with his head in computer code.

Based in Estonia, Louis has 17 years experience in talking and helping people to talk better. A large part of his job at Comedy Estonia is “Talent Management” which means developing and mentoring young Estonian Stand Up comedians. However, Louis does not speak Estonian and this has developed into a unique and useful mechanism, while he does not understand all of the words, it does allow some detachment which is vital when mentoring artists as they need direction but they also need to feel they have space to explore their own directions. Despite being happy away from 9 to 5 work, Louis still does consulting for companies, helping them with their presentation skills and also broader topics like internal company communication and working in a mixed language environment.